Pin Up Casino mobile app (apk)

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What are the features of Pin Up Casino mobile version?

The mobile version of Pin Up is an adaptation that is most convenient for use on cell phones and tablets. It provides more organic positions for various menu items, structured into groups of blocks. To open the menu in the mobile version of Pin Up you need to click on the icon in the upper left of the screen. Switching between menu items as well as moving up and down is implemented by tapping the screen with your finger, as well as by moving your finger up and down on the screen. Specifically to speed up the work the number of animated elements is reduced, which significantly reduces the time during which this version of the site is completely immersed in the device. The process takes just over a second, after which the mobile version of Pin Up Casino can be used to its full potential.

The game library is organized simply, and all the necessary actions for selecting a game are intuitively understandable. By clicking on the appropriate menu button the user is redirected to a special tab. There are many filters available, easily and clearly sorting games by all basic parameters. Favorite games can be marked and added to favorites, which will provide quick access to favorite and proven machines in the future.

Requirements for the mobile version of Pin Up

Using the mobile version of the official site Pin Up is possible on phones of all brands and operating systems. All that is needed is a color screen of sufficient extension and a simple video card. Everything is designed so that both users of luxury models and those who own older Chinese devices can access the site.

Regardless of what kind of technology you have, it is not superfluous for unlimited access to the mobile version of Pin Up will download a browser that supports the well-known all over the world technology of secure anonymous access to the Internet - VPN. Such actions will help you to beat the nose of those who want to deprive you of access to your favorite games through various blocking. This can also be achieved by installing a specialized application, there are many of them, the price is not high and the benifits are undeniable.

Pin Up features in the mobile version

In the mobile version and in the Pin Up app, you can use the cool and convenient facial recognition feature, which simplifies access and eliminates the need to go through the tedious procedure of entering your password and login each time. At the same time, your metric data does not go anywhere, as it uses the built-in smartphone software and does not go to the casino operator.

You can use the handy Favorites function in the following way: just save in your bookmarks the path to the page where everything you need has already been selected in advance. This will save time and eliminate the need to dig around and dig through a bunch of information, brand names, slots, and other information garbage every time. Just get right to where you need to go and have fun.

Another feature is the convenience of the cashier section. We have all long been accustomed to making our payments from the phone without leaving the house, and without sitting in a chair in front of the computer. Everything can be done sitting in any rocking chair in front of the TV, while sipping an orange juice or other beverage. Regardless of whether you used the site or a Pin Up mirror, you can make all your payments through the mobile cash register. This is especially quick and convenient if you save your payment method data when you make your first deposit. Then your money will be in motion in just a couple of clicks.